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The Past»»»

Jack Charlton, who was a mad keen fisherman, originally started Charltons Fishing in the mid 60’s. It was under his house in Videroni Street Bundamba that he began making sidecast reels and custom made rods for his friends and family Jack was a Flight Sergeant, engine fitter in the RAAF at Amberely at the time, but it didn’t take long for his little hobby to take off, so he moved his business to a house on the highway at Riverview, where he operated it from his verandah and out of his lounge room for a couple of years. The business was eventually closed down by the Council of the time.

In August of 1975 Jack’s son, Brian, who was a miner at Goonyella mine at Mooranbah, returned to Ipswich along with his wife and 2 boys, and bought the business and remaining stock off his parents and relocated it to Brisbane Road at Redbank, to a the front of a house that was purposely renovated to have the shop at the front and workshop underneath. After 7 years the business had outgrown this sight, so Brian purchased the old Golden Fleece service station sight at Riverview and again began the renovations to suit the growing Tackle shops needs. 

After 2 years at this sight, Charltons Fishing was again shut down, but this time by the main roads department, ironically for the upgrade of the Ipswich Motorway to 6 lanes (over 20 years ago).

After a brief but well earned holiday, Brian purchased the current sight on the Ipswich Motorway at Redbank, and built Queensland’s first purpose built tackle store. The store has grown from strength to strength in this time, following Fishing’s ever changing conditions and trends .In 1991 Brian’s son Craig joined the store and today Manages  (or try’s to manage as Brian would say.) the day to day running of the business.

Charltons Fishing has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the 60’s to one of the few totally specialized Fishing Tackle stores in Queensland.

The Future»»»

In today’s business climate of chain store, bulk warehouse style retail stores where good old service takes a back seat, Charltons Fishing is looking to the future with keeping personal specialized service in mind.

To keep it a place where everyone knows each other and can trust in what they say. We do change with the times and the trends, that is what has kept us going all this time, and we will keep up to date with all the latest gadgets and technologies as the sport changes.

All the current changes with the environmental laws, bag and size limits will have an affect on us in the future, ensuring that there will be fish for now as well as for our kids and even there kids, Charltons will be there helping them on there way, and please  only take what you need for a feed and  let the rest swim on.