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Sizes and prices:

Dry ice is available in 4 different size blocks, to suit how long you may need it to last.

2 Day25 cm x 20 cm x 7.5 cm5kg$25
4 Day25 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm10kg$35
6 Day25 cm x 20 cm x 22.5 cm15kg$45
8 Day25 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm20kg$55

How to make DRY ICE work for you:

  • Use the best insulated box possible. (Polystyrene and plastic containers give poor results)
  • Leave the DRY ICE wrapped in paper and in one piece. It won't last as long broken up
  • Store in a well insulated box in conjunction with party ice to take up room. (Storing DRY ICE in a freezer will reduce its life expectancy)
  • Keep your Esky out of the sun and wind and open as little as possible.
  • For best results use more than one ice box
    - Place DRY ICE in bottom of ice box, place frozen foods and wet ice on top and around the DRY ICE, and then cover with bags of wet ice to take up the room. (Keep ice box as full as possible to keep air away from the DRY ICE, this will help the DRY ICE last longer)
    - Fruit, salad, vegetables, milk, butter and drinks etc are best kept in a second icebox with party or block ice. (You can also use excess wet ice from your DRY ICE Esky to top up your drinks Esky)


Please give at least 48 hours notice for orders

Eg; if you need DRY ICE for a Friday or Saturday please order by midday the Thursday before. If required for a Monday please order by at least the midday the Friday before. Other weekdays, order at least by midday the day before

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